It’s spooky season, which means it’s time for leaf-peeping, defending your property from toilet paper attacks, and trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, the most harrowing part of Halloween is the sad reality that Halloween is the most dangerous time for kids to be on the road. Do your part this year and observe these safe driving tips for Halloween.

  • Pretend You’re a Zombie: If you tend to drive ghoulishly fast, you should probably put the brakes on that bad habit – literally. If you’re normally a law-abiding citizen who follows the speed limit, consider driving at a zombie’s pace during trick-or-treat to stay extra vigilant.
  • Use X-Ray Vision: Well, not really. However, you should make sure your eyes are peeled during trick-or-treat. Kids are dressed up in hard-to-see costumes and rarely use crosswalks on their sugar-fueled quest to fill up their candy bucket. Assume emboldened children will dart out into the road from all angles.
  • Save the Mask: If you’re on the way to a costume party, wait to put on any pieces of your costume that obstruct your vision until you arrive at the party. Though we understand wanting to perfect your look, aesthetic cohesion is less important than a child’s life.

Want even more help staying safe on Beggar’s Night? Visit Bill Cram Chevy for a demo of Chevrolet’s highly advanced safety technology.


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